Changelog for nsis-0.2.5

Changelog for NSIS 0.2.5 Support OName on file 0.2.4 #3, clone the EnvVarUpdate plugin Add abort Add strCheck function Add strIsSuffixOf Fix strIsPrefixOf Add writeRegExpandStr Expose some window functions findWindow, getDlgItem, sendMessage Add WinMessages plugin/header Remove upper bounds #2, add setDetailsPrint Add support for parameters to the finish page 0.2.3 Add explicit page events #1, add a Win7 taskbar progress plugin module Collapse duplicate events into one Hook up Show/Pre/Leave functions for pages Add sleep Add a wrapper round the Base64 plugin Add support for plugins Switch to cabal test support, requires Cabal-1.10 Add sectionGet and sectionSet Add all the binary operations as instances of Bit Add event and onSelChange Add execWait and execShell Add envVar Add copyFiles function 0.2.2 Change writeFileLines' to not build up a large buffer 0.2.1 #592, make the License page take a license file 0.2 Add Applicative instance for Action Add str, int and bool functions 0.1.2 Allow transformers- 0.1.1 Improved documentation Remove findOnce, you can use fileExists instead 0.1 Start of changelog