Metadata revisions for number-show-

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No. Time User SHA256
-r2 (number-show- 2019-07-12T09:49:44Z leftaroundabout 0c18f845b4c1cea144a6039550b259f32469ee7b0a928100dfda3c028e895dd3
  • Changed maintainer from

    (@) jsagemue $
    (@) jsag $

-r1 (number-show- 2017-02-18T12:07:51Z leftaroundabout 8c75cd93ac276a74f86693467c56de7ecb7c04f9d93d26c369199d7a7baaf173
  • Changed the library component's library dependency on 'base' from

    >=4.8 && <4.9
    >=4.8 && <5

-r0 (number-show- 2017-02-17T16:56:47Z leftaroundabout c69009f0f8e05e2cafc2916bcc06f7b69df642e436fd48cff8dc74a61d22b21a