orchestrate- An API client for http://orchestrate.io/.

Safe HaskellNone



This module implements the Orchestrate Refs API.

Refs represent the immutable values that have been associated with a key.



getRef :: FromJSON r => Collection -> Key -> Ref -> OrchestrateIO (Maybe r) Source

This retrieves a ref associated with some data.

getRef "coll-name" "key" "43214321"

listRefs Source


:: FromJSON v 
=> Collection

This is the collection for the data.

-> Key

This is the key for the data.

-> Maybe Int

The maximum number of items to return.

-> Maybe Int

The offset into the total sequence of values.

-> Bool

Should the values be returned also, or just the Path data?

-> OrchestrateIO (ResultList (TombstoneItem v))

Returns the list of results.

This lists all the values that have been associated with a key in the database. Values are returned last to first.

listRefs "coll-name" "key" Nothing Nothing False