Changelog for pandoc-types-

[] * Allow aeson 1.1. * Added tests for Walk (originally from pandoc). * Renamed README ->, fix link (Kolen Cheung). [] * Re-add Functor constraint to walkM, needed for ghc 7.8. * Turn off redundant-constraints warning for Walk (for ghc 8.0.1+). * Added necessary Data.Traversable import. * Allow HUnit 1.5. [] * More ghc 7.8 compatibility imports. [] * Added a necessary import from Data.Monoid (for ghc 7.8). [] * Fix compiler warnings around Data.Monoid import on some platforms. [1.17] * Remimplement json encoding of inlines manually (Jesse Rosenthal). This is the first step to doing manual encoding and decoding of pandoc JSON. This will replace the current generic deriving, which can be a moving target. * Move Arbitrary instances for types from pandoc (Jesse Rosenthal). * Remove empty arrays for leaf elements (Jesse Rosenthal). Elements with no children (Space, SoftBreak, LineBreak, HorizontalRule, Null) previously had an empty array for their "c" value. We remove that here. This is a breaking change for the JSON format. * New toplevel JSON format with api-version (Jesse Rosenthal). The version number is the pandoc-types version. The toplevel format was previously: [{"unMeta": META}, [BLOCKS]] It is now: { "pandoc-api-version" : [MAJ, MIN, REV], "meta" : META, "blocks": BLOCKS } Decoding fails if the major and minor version numbers don't match. * Add simple quickcheck tests to verify that roundtrip works properly (Jesse Rosenthal). * Add a LineBlock block element (Albert Krewinkel). * Add explicit unit tests for encoding and decoding (Jesse Rosenthal). * Fixed warnings in Walk, Builder. * Test with travis and appveyor. [] * Allow aeson 1.0.*. [1.16.1] * Allow aeson 0.11.*. * Export pandocTypesVersion from Text.Pandoc.Definition. [] * Use deepseq instead of deepseq-generics. deepseq now allows deriving generic NFData instances, so we don't need deepseq-generics. * Removed unneeded instance, use OVERLAPPING pragma for ghc 7.10. * Added CPP so that deepseq-generics is used for ghc < 7.10. * Added tested-with, generate .travis.yml using make_travis_yml.hs * Added stack.yaml [1.16] * Added Attr field to Image and Link. * Added SoftBreak constructor to Inline