penny- Extensible double-entry accounting system

Safe HaskellNone



Parses any OFX 1.0-series file. Uses the parser from the ofx package.

The Postings that this module returns always have an empty Description field. Information from the OFX Payee field is placed into the Payee field of the Posting record.



parser :: (ParserDesc, ParserFn)Source

Parser for OFX files.

prepassParser :: (String -> String) -> (ParserDesc, ParserFn)Source

Parser for OFX files. Any incoming data is first filtered through the given function. This allows you to correct broken OFX statements. For example, Bank of America issues OFX files that do not properly escape ampersands. Using this function you can change every ampersand to something properly escaped (or just change it to the word "and".)