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Package penrose-
Install BuildFailed
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Time submitted 2017-07-09 01:49:54.996030383 UTC
Compiler ghc-8.0.2
OS linux
Arch x86_64
Dependencies ad-4.3.3, aeson-, base-, containers-, gloss-, megaparsec-5.3.1, old-time-, random-1.1, text-, websockets-
Flags none

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Resolving dependencies...
Configuring ObjectName-
Configuring SHA-
Building ObjectName-
Building SHA-
Installed ObjectName-
Configuring base-compat-0.9.3...
Building base-compat-0.9.3...
Installed base-compat-0.9.3
Configuring base-orphans-0.6...
Building base-orphans-0.6...
Configuring base64-bytestring-
Installed base-orphans-0.6
Building base64-bytestring-
Configuring bmp-
Installed SHA-
Building bmp-
Configuring data-reify-0.6.1...
Installed base64-bytestring-
Building data-reify-0.6.1...
Configuring cabal-doctest-1.0.2...
Installed data-reify-0.6.1
Building cabal-doctest-1.0.2...
Configuring dlist-
Installed bmp-
Building dlist-
Configuring erf-
Installed cabal-doctest-1.0.2
Building erf-
Configuring entropy-0.3.8...
Installed dlist-
Configuring fixed-
Installed erf-
Building fixed-
Configuring half-
Installed fixed-
Building half-
Building entropy-0.3.8...
Configuring mtl-2.2.1...
Installed half-
Building mtl-2.2.1...
Warning: /tmp/pkgConf-entropy-0.314115496761843993368.8: Unrecognized field
dynamic-library-dirs on line 26
Configuring integer-logarithms-1.0.2...
Installed entropy-0.3.8
Building integer-logarithms-1.0.2...
Configuring nats-1.1.1...
Installed integer-logarithms-1.0.2
Building nats-1.1.1...
Configuring old-locale-
Installed nats-1.1.1
Configuring network-
Installed mtl-2.2.1
Building old-locale-
Configuring prelude-extras-
Installed old-locale-
Building prelude-extras-
Building network-
Configuring primitive-
Installed prelude-extras-
Building primitive-
Configuring random-1.1...
Installed network-
Building random-1.1...
Configuring semigroups-0.18.3...
Installed primitive-
Building semigroups-0.18.3...
Configuring reflection-2.1.2...
Installed random-1.1
Building reflection-2.1.2...
Configuring stm-
Installed semigroups-0.18.3
Building stm-
Configuring time-locale-compat-
Installed stm-
Building time-locale-compat-
Configuring text-
Installed time-locale-compat-
Configuring transformers-compat-
Installed reflection-2.1.2
Building text-
Building transformers-compat-
Configuring void-0.7.2...
Installed transformers-compat-
Building void-0.7.2...
Configuring zlib-
Installed void-0.7.2
Building zlib-
Installed zlib-
Configuring old-time-
Building old-time-
Configuring vector-
Installed old-time-
Building vector-
Configuring tf-random-0.5...
Installed text-
Building tf-random-0.5...
Configuring StateVar-
Installed tf-random-0.5
Building StateVar-
Configuring async-
Installed StateVar-
Building async-
Configuring exceptions-0.8.3...
Installed async-
Building exceptions-0.8.3...
Configuring tagged-0.8.5...
Installed exceptions-0.8.3
Building tagged-0.8.5...
Installed tagged-0.8.5
Configuring OpenGLRaw-
Building OpenGLRaw-
Configuring hashable-
Installed vector-
Building hashable-
Configuring blaze-builder-
Installed hashable-
Building blaze-builder-
Configuring contravariant-1.4...
Installed blaze-builder-
Building contravariant-1.4...
Configuring QuickCheck-
Installed contravariant-1.4
Building QuickCheck-
Configuring distributive-0.5.2...
Installed QuickCheck-
Building distributive-0.5.2...
Warning: /tmp/pkgConf-distributive-0.519607098591760281936.2: Unrecognized
field dynamic-library-dirs on line 22
Installed distributive-0.5.2
Configuring case-insensitive-
Building case-insensitive-
Configuring scientific-
Installed case-insensitive-
Building scientific-
Configuring uuid-types-1.0.3...
Installed scientific-
Building uuid-types-1.0.3...
Configuring unordered-containers-
Installed uuid-types-1.0.3
Building unordered-containers-
Configuring streaming-commons-0.1.18...
Installed unordered-containers-
Building streaming-commons-0.1.18...
Configuring comonad-5.0.1...
Installed streaming-commons-0.1.18
Building comonad-5.0.1...
Warning: /tmp/pkgConf-comonad-5.03521186061782436840.1: Unrecognized field
dynamic-library-dirs on line 29
Installed comonad-5.0.1
Configuring attoparsec-
Building attoparsec-
Configuring bifunctors-5.4.2...
Installed attoparsec-
Building bifunctors-5.4.2...
Configuring megaparsec-5.3.1...
Installed bifunctors-5.4.2
Building megaparsec-5.3.1...
Installed megaparsec-5.3.1
Configuring aeson-
Building aeson-
Configuring websockets-
Installed aeson-
Building websockets-
Configuring profunctors-5.2...
Installed websockets-
Building profunctors-5.2...
Configuring semigroupoids-5.2...
Installed profunctors-5.2
Building semigroupoids-5.2...
Warning: /tmp/pkgConf-semigroupoids-51789376348502278611.2: Unrecognized field
dynamic-library-dirs on line 60
Installed semigroupoids-5.2
Configuring free-4.12.4...
Building free-4.12.4...
Installed free-4.12.4
Configuring ad-4.3.3...
Building ad-4.3.3...
Installed OpenGLRaw-
Configuring GLURaw-
Building GLURaw-
Installed GLURaw-
Configuring OpenGL-
Building OpenGL-
Warning: /tmp/pkgConf-ad-4.31590079444434248626.3: Unrecognized field
dynamic-library-dirs on line 83
Installed ad-4.3.3
Installed OpenGL-
Configuring GLUT-
Building GLUT-
Installed GLUT-
Configuring gloss-rendering-
Building gloss-rendering-
Installed gloss-rendering-
Configuring gloss-
Building gloss-
Installed gloss-
Configuring penrose-
Building penrose-
Failed to install penrose-
Build log ( /home/builder/.cabal/logs/penrose- ):
cabal: Entering directory '/tmp/cabal-tmp-1405/penrose-'
Configuring penrose-
Building penrose-
Preprocessing executable 'penrose' for penrose-
[1 of 1] Compiling Main             ( src/Main.hs, dist/build/penrose/penrose-tmp/Main.o )

src/Main.hs:6:1: error:
    Failed to load interface for ‘Server’
    Use -v to see a list of the files searched for.

src/Main.hs:7:1: error:
    Failed to load interface for ‘Runtime’
    Use -v to see a list of the files searched for.

src/Main.hs:8:1: error:
    Failed to load interface for ‘Compiler’
    Use -v to see a list of the files searched for.

src/Main.hs:9:1: error:
    Failed to load interface for ‘StyAst’
    Use -v to see a list of the files searched for.
cabal: Leaving directory '/tmp/cabal-tmp-1405/penrose-'
cabal: Error: some packages failed to install:
penrose- failed during the building phase. The exception was:
ExitFailure 1