phonetic-languages-simplified-examples-array- Helps to create Ukrainian texts with the given phonetic properties.
Copyright(c) OleksandrZhabenko 2020-2021
Safe HaskellNone



Library functions for the rewritePoemG3 executable. Inspired by: from the ; Allows to rewrite the given text (usually a poetical one).



generalProcessment :: Coeffs2 -> [String] -> String -> Int -> FilePath -> IO () Source #

@ since -- The meaning of the first command line argument (and Coeffs2 here everywhere in the module) depends on the String argument -- whether it starts with 'w', 'x' or otherwise. In the first case it represents the k1 and k2 coefficients (default ones equal to 2.0 and 0.125) for the functions from the Rhythmicity.TwoFourth module. Otherwise, it is used for the functions to specify the level of emphasizing the two-based and three-based periods (the default values here are 1.0 both).

circle2 :: Coeffs2 -> Array Int [Array Int Int] -> String -> [String] -> [String] -> [String] Source #

Processment without rearrangements.

circle2I :: Coeffs2 -> Array Int [Array Int Int] -> String -> [String] -> Int -> [Int] -> Double -> Double -> [String] -> [String] Source #

Processment with rearrangements.

toFileStr Source #


:: FilePath

The FilePath to the file to be written in the AppendMode (actually appended with) the information output.

-> [String]

Each element is appended on the new line to the file.

-> IO () 

Prints every element from the structure on the new line to the file. Uses appendFile function inside. Is taken from the Languages.UniquenessPeriods.Vector.General.DebugG module from the phonetic-languages-general package.