plex- run a subprocess, combining stdout and stderr

Safe HaskellSafe



Execute a command, redirect stderr into stdout, and return the combined result (optionally, with a timeout).



readCommand :: FilePath -> [String] -> IO (ProcessID, IO ByteString) Source #

readCommand command args: given a command to run in a subprocess, and args to pass to it -- return the childPid of the subprocess, and a function for reading its output.

if it doesn't start with a forward-slash, the command is searched for in the current path.

cmd :: FilePath -> [String] -> IO ByteString Source #

cmd command args: execute command with args; read combined stdout and stderr; return it as a string If there is an error executing the command, it'll get caught and a Haskell error message will get printed.

cmdTimeout :: FilePath -> [String] -> Int -> IO (Maybe ByteString) Source #

same as command, but with a timeout. Hard to get it do return nicely with timeout < about 10^5 microsecs