prizm- A haskell library for computing with colors

Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred




toRGB :: CIELCH Double -> RGB IntegerSource

toRGB convert from LCH to RGB.

toLAB :: CIELCH Double -> CIELAB DoubleSource

toLAB convert an LCH color to a LAB representation.

toXYZ :: CIELCH Double -> CIEXYZ DoubleSource

toXYZ convert from LCH to XYZ.

fromRGB :: RGB Integer -> CIELCH DoubleSource

fromRGB convert from RGB to LCH.

fromLAB :: CIELAB Double -> CIELCH DoubleSource

fromLAB convenience function for converting from LAB to LCH.

fromXYZ :: CIEXYZ Double -> CIELCH DoubleSource

fromXYZ convert from XYZ to LCH.