purescript-0.11.7: PureScript Programming Language Compiler

Safe HaskellNone



Parsers for module definitions and declarations



parseDeclaration :: TokenParser Declaration Source #

Parse a single declaration

parseModule :: TokenParser Module Source #

Parse a module header and a collection of declarations

parseModuleDeclaration :: TokenParser (ModuleName, Maybe [DeclarationRef]) Source #

Parse a module declaration and its export declarations

parseModulesFromFiles :: forall m k. MonadError MultipleErrors m => (k -> FilePath) -> [(k, Text)] -> m [(k, Module)] Source #

Parse a collection of modules in parallel

parseModuleFromFile :: (k -> FilePath) -> (k, Text) -> Either ParseError (k, Module) Source #

Parses a single module with FilePath for eventual parsing errors

parseValue :: TokenParser Expr Source #

Parse an expression

parseGuard :: TokenParser [Guard] Source #

Parse a guard

parseBinderNoParens :: TokenParser Binder Source #

Parse a binder as it would appear in a top level declaration