purescript-0.13.0: PureScript Programming Language Compiler

Safe HaskellNone




rebuildFile Source #


:: (Ide m, MonadLogger m, MonadError IdeError m) 
=> FilePath

The file to rebuild

-> Maybe FilePath

The file to use as the location for parsing and errors

-> Set CodegenTarget

The targets to codegen

-> (ReaderT IdeEnvironment (LoggingT IO) () -> m ())

A runner for the second build with open exports

-> m Success 

Given a filepath performs the following steps:

  • Reads and parses a PureScript module from the filepath.
  • Builds a dependency graph for the parsed module from the already loaded ExternsFiles.
  • Attempts to find an FFI definition file for the module by looking for a file with the same filepath except for a .js extension.
  • Passes all the created artifacts to rebuildModule.
  • If the rebuilding succeeds, returns a RebuildSuccess with the generated warnings, and if rebuilding fails, returns a RebuildError with the generated errors.