purescript-0.13.0: PureScript Programming Language Compiler

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Directives for PSCI.



directives :: [Directive] Source #

List of all avaliable directives.

directiveStrings :: [(Directive, [String])] Source #

A mapping of directives to the different strings that can be used to invoke them.

directiveStrings' :: [(String, Directive)] Source #

Like directiveStrings, but the other way around.

strings :: [String] Source #

List of all directive strings.

stringsFor :: Directive -> [String] Source #

Returns all possible string representations of a directive.

stringFor :: Directive -> String Source #

Returns the default string representation of a directive.

directivesFor' :: String -> [(Directive, String)] Source #

Returns the list of directives which could be expanded from the string argument, together with the string alias that matched.

help :: [(Directive, String, String)] Source #

The help menu.