random-tree- Create random trees

Safe HaskellNone



Collects all functions pertaining to the creation of a random tree



runTree :: ReaderStateRandom a -> Int -> Int -> Int -> Int -> StdGen -> Maybe a Source

Run the monad transformer for the generation of a random tree. The minChildren value, if chosen, results in a leaf

treeRecursion :: ReaderStateRandom (Tree Int) Source

The recursion for each step of the tree

checkLowerBound :: ReaderStateRandom (Tree Int) Source

The check for the lower bound: if not fulfilled, returns Nothing

getTree :: ReaderStateRandom (Tree Int) Source

Recursion which continues to make trees until the bounds are met

makeTree :: [String] -> Int -> Int -> Int -> Int -> Int -> Bool -> IO (PropertySuperTree String String) Source

Return String trees