redis-0.10.1: A driver for Redis key-value database



Emulating locking primitives





:: BS s 
=> Redis 
-> s

The lock's name

-> Int

Timeout in milliseconds.

-> Int

Time interval between attempts to lock on

-> IO Bool

True if lock was acquired

Acquire lock. This function is not reentrant so thread can be locked by itself if it try to acquire the same lock before it was released.

acquire' :: BS s => Redis -> s -> Int -> IO BoolSource

acquireOnce :: BS s1 => Redis -> s1 -> IO BoolSource

release :: BS s => Redis -> s -> IO ()Source

acquire with default last parameter set to 50 milliseconds

Try to acquire lock once and return result without any timeout

Release lock. There is no any guarantees that lock was acquired in this thread. Just release this lock and go forth.