regex- Toolkit for regex-base

Copyright(C) 2016-17 Chris Dornan
LicenseBSD3 (see the LICENSE file)
MaintainerChris Dornan <>
Safe HaskellSafe






The Tutorial

We have a regex tutorial at

How to use this library

This module just provides a brief overview of the regex package. You will need to import one of the API modules of which there is a choice which will depend upon two factors:

  • Which flavour of regular expression do you want to use? If you need Posix flavour REs then you will want the TDFA modules, otherwise its PCRE for Perl-style REs.
  • What type of text do you want to match: (slow) Strings, ByteString, ByteString.Lazy, Text, Text.Lazy or the anachronistic Seq Char or indeed some good old-fashioned polymorphic operators?

While we aim to provide all combinations of these choices, some of them are currently not available. In the regex package we have:

The PCRE modules are contained in the separate regex-with-pcre package:

  • Text.RE.PCRE.ByteString
  • Text.RE.PCRE.ByteString.Lazy
  • Text.RE.ZeInternals.PCRE
  • Text.RE.PCRE.Sequence
  • Text.RE.PCRE.String
  • Text.RE.PCRE

Further Use

For more specialist applications we have the following: