salvia-1.0.0: Modular web application framework.




hCloseConn :: (HandleM m, MonadIO m) => m a -> m ()Source

Run a handler once and close the connection afterwards.

hKeepAlive :: (QueueM m, HandleM m, HttpM' m, MonadIO m) => m a -> m ()Source

Run a handler and keep the connection open for potential consecutive requests. The connection will only be closed after a request finished and one or more of the following criteria are met:

  • There is no contentLength set in the response headers. When this is the case the connection cannot be kept alive.
  • The client has set the connection header field to close.
  • The connection has already been closed, possible due to IO errors.
  • The HTTP version is HTTP/1.0.

emptyQueue :: QueueM m => m ()Source

Empty the send queue.