seqloc-datafiles-0.4.2: Read and write BED and GTF format genome annotations

Safe HaskellNone



Minimal tab-delimited annotation of Transcript locations. Each Transcript has one line, containing the geneId and trxId fields, followed by the LocRepr representation of the SpliceSeqLoc location of the transcript, and then the location of the CDS within the transcript or "n/a" if there is no CDS.



readTable :: FilePath -> IO [Transcript] Source

Read a transcript table file as a list of annotated transcripts

parseLine :: ByteString -> Maybe Transcript Source

Parse a transcript table line, not including the newline

writeTable :: FilePath -> [Transcript] -> IO () Source

Write a transcript table file

unparseLine :: Transcript -> ByteString Source

Produce a single transcript table line for a Transcript, newline not included.