shikensu-0.3.5: Run a sequence of functions on in-memory representations of files

Safe HaskellNone



Internal utility functions.



commonDirectory :: String -> FilePath Source #

Get the common directory from a pattern.

compileParentPath :: FilePath -> Maybe FilePath Source #

Path to parent, when there is one.

Just "../" or Nothing

compilePathToRoot :: FilePath -> FilePath Source #

Path to root.

Example, if dirname is 'example/subdir', then this will be ../../.

If the dirname is empty, then this will be empty as well.

replaceSingleDot :: String -> String Source #

If the path is a single dot, return an empty string. Otherwise return the path.

stripPrefix :: String -> String -> String Source #

Strip prefix.

takeDirName :: FilePath -> FilePath Source #

Take dirname and replace single dot.