Changelog for simple-smt-0.9.7

0.9.7: `newSolverNotify` has a callback when solver quits 0.9.6: Suport for quoated symbols and recursive functions 0.9.5: Expose `loadString` 0.9.4: Add `toInt` and `toReal` 0.9.3: Fix incorrect rendering or `real` literals 0.9.2: add ppSExpr 0.9: Support for working with unsat-cores 0.8: Support for declare; loading of strings/files; more sugar for SMT commands 0.6.0: Allow finer-grained logging 0.5.5: Add support for unsupported results 0.5.3: Add 'zeroExtend' and 'signExtend' 0.5.2: Fix right shift 0.5.1: Add 'define' commands 0.5: Adds more bit-wise operations 0.4: Fixes definiiton of `geq`