stack- The Haskell Tool Stack

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This module builds Docker (OpenContainer) images.



stageContainerImageArtifacts :: Build e m => m () Source

Stages the executables & additional content in a staging directory under '.stack-work'

createContainerImageFromStage :: Assemble e m => m () Source

Builds a Docker (OpenContainer) image extending the base image specified in the project's stack.yaml. Then new image will be extended with an ENTRYPOINT specified for each entrypoint listed in the config file.

imgCmdName :: String Source

The command name for dealing with images.

imgDockerCmdName :: String Source

The command name for building a docker container.

imgOptsFromMonoid :: ImageOptsMonoid -> ImageOpts Source

Convert image opts monoid to image options.

imgDockerOptsFromMonoid :: ImageDockerOptsMonoid -> ImageDockerOpts Source

Convert Docker image opts monoid to Docker image options.

imgOptsParser :: Parser ImageOptsMonoid Source

A parser for ImageOptsMonoid.

imgDockerOptsParser :: Parser ImageDockerOptsMonoid Source

A parser for ImageDockerOptsMonoid.