stickyKeysHotKey- get and set STICKYKEYS.SKF_HOTKEYACTIVE

Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



This module can be used to get and set STICKYKEYS.SKF_HOTKEYACTIVE on windows. If set to True, pressing shift five times will result in a window popping up asking whether to activate the sticky keys feature.

On other platforms, all functions have no effect but can be used riskless.



getHotKeyActive :: IO Bool Source

Returns the current state of STICKYKEYS.SKF_HOTKEYACTIVE.

setHotKeyActive :: Bool -> IO () Source

Sets the current state of STICKYKEYS.SKF_HOTKEYACTIVE.

withHotKeyDeactivated :: IO a -> IO a Source

Sets STICKYKEYS.SKF_HOTKEYACTIVE to False during the execution of the given command. Resets the original state afterwards