string-fromto- Conversions between common string types, as well as Base16/Base32/Base64.

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Have you ever found yourself frustrated that you're spending 15-30% of your time in Haskell converting between string types, remembering which module has the toStrict function, importing Data.Text.Encoding and Data.Text.Lazy.Encoding qualified, spending time thinking about how to do Base64 encoding, etc.? Or tried to use one of the (excellent) typeclass-based string conversion libraries, only to find yourself adding awkward type signatures to avoid type-inferencing ambiguities?

This module exports a collection of functions that follow a simple pattern:

stringTypeAToStringTypeB :: a -> b

This way, if you import this module unqualified, or as part of your Prelude, all you have to think about is which type you want to convert into which other type.

For convenience, this module also exposes conversions between Base16, Base32, and Base64-encoded strings.


  • Not *every* possible permutation has a function, just each one we've ever needed. If you need one that's not included, please submit a pull request to add it.
  • When converting a Text to and from ByteString, UTF-8 is used.

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