tasty-golden-2.3.2: Golden tests support for tasty

Safe HaskellNone




The main function

goldenTest Source #


:: TestName

test name

-> IO a

get the golden correct value

Note that this action may be followed by the update function call.

Therefore, this action *should avoid* reading the file lazily; otherwise, the file may remain half-open and the update action will fail.

-> IO a

get the tested value

-> (a -> a -> IO (Maybe String))

comparison function.

If two values are the same, it should return Nothing. If they are different, it should return an error that will be printed to the user. First argument is the golden value.

The function may use IO, for example, to launch an external diff command.

-> (a -> IO ())

update the golden file

-> TestTree 

A very general testing function.