texmath-0.6.7: Conversion of LaTeX math formulas to MathML or OMML.

Safe HaskellNone




getMMLType :: TextType -> StringSource

Maps TextType to the corresponding MathML mathvariant

getTextType :: String -> TextTypeSource

Maps MathML mathvariant to the corresponing TextType

getSpaceCommand :: String -> StringSource

Maps a length in em to the nearest bigger LaTeX space command

getLaTeXTextCommand :: TextType -> StringSource

Maps TextType to corresponding LaTeX command

getScalerCommand :: String -> Maybe StringSource

Maps a LaTeX scaling command to the percentage scaling

getScalerValue :: String -> Maybe StringSource

Gets percentage scaling from LaTeX scaling command

getDiacriticalCommand :: Position -> String -> Maybe StringSource

Given a diacritical mark, returns the corresponding LaTeX command

getDiacriticalCons :: String -> Maybe (Exp -> Exp)Source

Returns the correct constructor given a LaTeX command