transient-0.4.4: Making composable programs with multithreading, events and distributed computing

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choose :: Show a => [a] -> TransIO a Source #

slurp a list of values and process them in parallel . To limit the number of processing threads, use threads

choose' :: [a] -> TransIO a Source #

alternative definition with more parallelism, as the composition of n async sentences

collect' :: Int -> NominalDiffTime -> NominalDiffTime -> TransIO a -> TransIO [a] Source #

search also between two time intervals. If the first interval has passed and there is no result, it stops. After the second interval, it stop unconditionally and return the current results. It also stops as soon as there are enough results specified in the first parameter.

group :: Int -> TransIO a -> TransIO [a] Source #

group the output of a possible multithreaded process in groups of n elements.

groupByTime :: Integer -> TransIO a -> TransIO [a] Source #

group result for a time interval, measured with diffUTCTime