tsweb-0.1.1: An API binding Web.Spock to Database.Beam

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Various functions for reading data from the current Spock Action's context. Currently that's just reading URL path info and auth data.



getPath :: Has l lts v => FldProxy l -> TsActionCtxT lts xs sess v Source #

Look up a tagged path in a view. If we have a route looking like

  runroute ro rw $ path #user ("users" <//> var) (get user)

then a view could access that user path with

  users <- getPath #user
  let txt = renderRoute users "bob"

showPath :: (AllHave ToHttpApiData as, Has l lts v, v ~ Path as Open) => FldProxy l -> TsActionCtxT lts vec sess (HVectElim as Text) Source #

Look up a path and render it. This returns a sort-of variadic function that can be provided with the right number of arguments in order to render a path. As with the above example, a route like this:

  runroute ro rw $ path #user ("users" <//> var) (get user)

could be rendered like this:

  usersfn <- showPath #user
  let txt = usersfn "bob"

or, more succinctly:

  txt <- ($ "bob") <$> showPath $user

getExtra :: (MonadIO m, ListContains n v xs) => ActionCtxT (Context lts xs) m v Source #

Look up data that was put into the ctxExtras part of the action's context. This is pretty bound up with type signatures and other verbosity, but if we have a database-writing view like so:

  runroute ro rw $ path #root root (dbwrite $ get index)

then that index view could be written like so:

  index :: ListContains n ReadWritePool xs => TsActionCtxT lts xs sess a
  index = do
    db :: ReadWritePool <- getExtra