ukrainian-phonetics-basic-array-bytestring- A library to work with the basic Ukrainian phonetics and syllable segmentation.
Copyright(c) OleksandrZhabenko 2019-2022
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Functions provide functionality of a musical instrument synthesizer or for Ukrainian speech synthesis especially for poets, translators and writers. Is rewritten from the module Melodics.Ukrainian from the mmsyn6ukr package : '' Phonetic material is taken from the :

Solomija Buk, Ján Mačutek, Andrij Rovenchak. Some properties of the Ukrainian writing system. [Electronic resource] The code here is less optimized in time then in the new corresponding module Melodics.ByteString.Ukrainian.ArrInt8. It will be moved to the new package after the upgrading the phonetic-languages-simplified-examples-array to the new optimized modules.


Basic functions

convertToProperUkrainianB :: String -> ByteString Source #

A variant of the convertToProperUkrainian with the ByteString result.