Changelog for vega-view-

Changelog for vega-view

Report that an error occurred when the embed option failed, which is better than the previous behavior (no plot would appear but no indication that something happened), but the message is pretty anodyne.

Change the layout of the "directory with visualizations" page to move the inline view to the right of the list of files. The way the files are listed has also been changed to reduce horizontal space and remove some repetition.

The SVG used for the "right-arrow" comes from the free version of fontawesome, version 5.10.2 (arrow-alt-circle-right).

Change the appearance and linking of directory names, in the "label" of a plot (drop the path and show just the file name), and on the web pages. A common stanza is used to indicate the current directory or file and the path to the "parent".

There have been style changes to how the inline plots are displayed, to allow them to be horizontally scrolled.

The "view a visualization" page - i.e. /display/..path-to-spec - now adds a horizontal scroll bar if the visualization is too wide for the page. Unfortunately this doesn't happen on the drag-and-drop or inline views.

Change the styling of the "frame" used to contain a Vega or Vega-Lite visualization. The main change is to add a "hide" button (for the inline and drag-and-drop views), but there's also a few more-subtle changes.

The default port is 8082 but this can be changed by setting the PORT environment variable before running the server. An invalid setting, or one already in use, will cause the application to fail with a less-than graceful error message.

Improved error handling when displaying Vega or Vega-Lite specifications, in that the error message from vega-embed is now shown to the viewer rather than hidden away in the console log. It is not clear to me how useful these error messages are, other than just to say "hey, something went wrong".

The filenames for the export-to-svg/png options now uses the specification file name rather than the default "visualization". There is no attempt to remove any suffixes from the file name, so "" will end up as "" (or .png).

Removed paths from file names in the directory listings, and also stopped dropping their suffixes.

Fixed directory browsing: previously things didn't work out so well if there were no Vega or Vega-Lite visualizations in the working directory, but now you can properly recurse into sub-directories.

Oops: chaning from a bytestring to a text during development caused "problems". There really should be a swooshy icon on the home page now, and the a text rendering of the SVG...

Add a link back to the "home page" in the page header.

The home page has a swooshy icon on it, to try and visually indicate that you can drag onto the page.

Tweak the styling on some of the pages to use the "new look"™.

Add drag-and-drop support to the main page. You can now drag in a file (or multiple files) and have their contents be displayed. There is a mode for selecting how new visualizations are added to the page: at the top (default), at the bottom, or clear-out any previous plots.

Bump base minimum version to supporg ghc 8 or later, to save hackage trying to build with older versions. There is no user-visible change to version 0.2.

Internal change to get it to build with ghc 8.2 and 8.0.


The directory view now displays all the visualizations in a directory, and hides those files that are not JSON. Selecting a visualization can now open it in a new page (0.1 behavior) or inline (new).


Initial release