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-- Copyright:
--   This file is part of the package vimeta. It is subject to the
--   license terms in the LICENSE file found in the top-level
--   directory of this distribution and at:
--     https://github.com/pjones/vimeta
--   No part of this package, including this file, may be copied,
--   modified, propagated, or distributed except according to the terms
--   contained in the LICENSE file.
-- License: BSD-2-Clause
module Vimeta.Core (module Export) where

import Vimeta.Core.Config as Export
import Vimeta.Core.Download as Export
import Vimeta.Core.Format as Export
import Vimeta.Core.MappingFile as Export hiding (Parser)
import Vimeta.Core.Process as Export
import Vimeta.Core.Tagger as Export
import Vimeta.Core.Vimeta as Export (Vimeta)
import Vimeta.Core.Vimeta as Export hiding (Vimeta)