vivid- Sound synthesis with SuperCollider
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Unit Generators, which are the signal-generating/processing components of synths.

Most of your time reading documentation will probably be in these modules

  • *In ghci, get the type with ":i" instead of ":t"**

In "Args '[foos] '[bars]", "foos" are the required arguments, "bars" are the optional ones (ones which have a default value provided)

E.g. to make a lowpass filter which filters whitenoise at 440hz, you'd write:

lpf (in_ whiteNoise, freq_ 440)

Not all UGens from SC are here, so I've exposed the internals so you can make your own. Some exports may disappear in future versions.

These modules are organized in the same way as the "Browse UGens" pages are

You can find them in:

  • The SC IDE: In the Help Browser, click "Browse" -> "UGens"
  • Linux: ~.localshareSuperColliderHelp/Browse.html#UGens
  • Other OSes: tbd!