Changelog for wumpus-basic-0.18.0

0.16.0 to 0.17.0: * Changed representation of ContextFuns - context funs are no longer an arity family of newtypes. The new representation is simpler, but some of the opportunities for overloading have been lost. * Substantial round of renaming for the @DrawingContext@ types an query and update functions. * Re-worked the font metrics and font loader modules. The new names should be more systematic. Removed the need for the GhostScript font modules to match PostScript names to GhostScript font files. * Superceded the PointSupplyM class by adding snapping grid scaling to the DrawingContext. * Removed @ScalingContext@ module. * Made text colour a distinct property in the DrawingContext. Text is now drawn with the text colour rather than the stroke colour. * Added FontLoadLog to the DrawingContext - this allows access to the errors recorded during font loading. 0.15.0 to 0.16.0: * Moved the Geometry modules from Wumpus-Drawing into Wumpus-Basic. * Re-worked the @CtxPicture@ API, although the current naming scheme is not satisfactory. * Added extra Anchor classes. * Added @PosImage@ object - this is a rectangle-framed object that can be drawn from any of its corners or its center. * Added @CF3@, an arity three /ContextFunction/. * Added @Displacement@ module. This defines the @PointDisplace@ type and provides a library of @PointDisplace@ functions. Note - some of the new functions have taken names previously used for anchor projection functions (@northwards@, @southwards@, etc.), anchor projections are now build with the function @projectAnchor@. * Added the property @descender@ to the font metrics. * Split drawing primitives from type in @Objects.Graphic@, drawing primitives are now in the module @Objects.DrawingPrimitives@. 0.14.0 to 0.15.0: * Split previous @Wumpus-Basic@ package into two packages: @Wumpus-Basic@ and @Wumpus-Drawing@. This is a pratical move to separate the developed (although not yet polished) @Kernel@ and @FontLoader@ code from the prototypical @Drawing@ code. * Renamed the @Drawing@ object to @CtxPicture@. Although @CtxPicture@ is a less pleasant name, it should be less confusing. A @CtxPicture@ is the essentially the @Picture@ type from Wumpus-Core with an implicit context - @ContextPicture@ is simply too long and @CtxPicture@ is almost jibberish but the previous unrelated name @Drawing@ was not helpful. * @Kernel.Base.ScalingContext@ has been simplified. ScalingContexts are no longer manipulated via a custom Reader monad or transformer as the type signatures were too unwieldy. * Added @TextMargin@ to the @DrawingContext@ - Wumpus-Drawing can now calculate more appealing bounding boxes for text. 0.13.0 to 0.14.0: * Re-organised module hierarchy, Wumpus-Basic is now divided into two layers - Basic (Font loader, utils, kernel drawing) and Drawing - /constructed/ graphic objects like arrows, dots, etc. * Re-designed the /ContextFunction/ function types. Context functions with different numbers of /static arguments/ are now separate newtypes. This has allowed a major cull of the combinators operating on context functions (@prepro@, @postpro@, @situ@, etc.) and now only a handful of special combinators are needed. As the newtypes are instances of Monad and Applicative the usual Applicative and Monad combinators are now more readily useful. * Work on the font loader code to improve its robustness, and improved error signalling on load failure. Loading glyph metrics now returns both the metrics (possibly fallback metrics if parsing failed) and a log. 0.12.0 to 0.13.0: * Major changes to @Basic.Graphic@ modules. @DrawingR@ is renamed @Drawing@ and is substantially re-worked. Graphic /functional/ types are now encapulated in the Drawing constructor @Drawing (ctx -> pt -> prim)@ rather than partially outside it @pt -> Drawing (ctx -> prim)@. @Drawing@ monad renamed @TraceDrawing@ and @DrawingT@ transformer renamed @TraceDrawingT@. * Rudimentary font loading added, only AFM files are supported. * @Basic.Shapes.Coordinate@ re-worked. The Coordinate type is now more like the Shapes types (excepting the intentional difference in drawing style). * @Basic.Shapes.Plaintext@ removed. * @Basic.Text.LRText@ completely redesigned. 0.11.0 to 0.12.0: * Changes Base types in @Basic.Graphic@. The @Graphic@ and @Image@ types now produce (wrapped) @Primitives@, rather than Hughes lists of @Primitives@. This means they can now be transformed with the affine transformations. Removed the function @ati@, it is replaced by @at@. * Added @Basic.Utils.Combinators@. * Arrowheads and Connectors reworked - Arrowheads are now a functional type, Connectors use new Image combining operations from @Basic.Graphic.Base@. * Path connectors re-worked and renamed. * Dot hierarchy changed - @Basic.Dots@ becomes @Basic.Dots.AnchorDots@; @Basic.Dots.Primitive@ becomes @Basic.Dots.Marks@. * @Basic.Shapes@ - internals reworked. 0.10.0 to 0.11.0: * Reworked arrowheads and connectors - connectors are now configurable: there are functions to make connectors with a left arrowhead, right arrowhead, none or both. * Reworked shapes - internally shapes now create a @Path@ rather than a @Graphic@ this means the path can be manipulated (e.g. round cornered rectangles, diamonds... can be constructed). @Coordinate@ is no longer a @Shape@ - it is now similar object but of a different type. Likewise, @FreeLabel@ has been replaced by @Plaintext@ which is not a @Shape@, but has some similar properties. * @Basic.Paths.Base@ - @Path@ type changed, @PathEmpty@ constructor removed so empty paths cannot be created. This allows a better API for taking points on a path. It also means @Path@ is no longer an instance of Monoid. Type changes to various functions (e.g. @tipR@, @tipL@) reflecting that as paths cannot now be empty, functions on them can generally be total. @toPrimPathU@ removed as converting to a PrimPath as now always /safe/. @tracePoints@ renamed @traceLinePoints@, @tracePointsCurve@ renamed @traceCurvePoints@, @midpoint@ renamed @midway@. * @Basic.Graphic@ - the types @ConnDrawingR@, @ConnGraphic@ etc. have had their names expanded to @ConnectorDrawingR@, @ConnectorGraphic@... * @Basic.SafeFont@ - font names changed to use underscore separators rather than camelCase. Wumpus generally uses underscored names for /constants/. * Removed @conn@ from @Basic.Graphic.Drawing@. Connectors should be used instead. * The class @DrawingCtxM@ now has @Applicative@ as a superclass. * @lineSpacing@ renamed @baselineSpacing@. 0.9.0 to 0.10.0: * @Basic.Graphic.BaseClasses@ and @Basic.Graphic.BaseTypes@ merged into same module so they can depend on each other without orphans instances. * @DrawingF@ renamed to @DrawingR@, the related type synonyms have also been changed, e.g. @LocDrawingF@ is now @LocDrawingR@. * Method names in the @DrawingCtxM@ class changed - @askCtx@ is now @askDC@, @localCtx@ is now @localize@. Removed the functions @askDF@, @asksDF@, @pureDF@ that worked for @DrawingF@ (now @DrawingR@), @DrawingR@ now uses the Applicative\'s @pure@ and the @DrawingCtxM@ class for these functionalities. * @Basic.Graphic.DrawingContext@ - renamed @primary_colour@ to @stroke_colour@ and @secondary_colour@ to @fill_colour@. The setter functions has been similarly renamed. * Added the type synonym @DrawingContextF@ to @Basic.Graphic.DrawingContext@. Changed relevant function signatures to use it. * Re-worked the Path modules - base types entirely different, connectors entirely different, monadic path construction largely the same. * Initial work on round cornered paths. * Removed the type class @TextAnchor@ from @Basic.Anchors@. This was a left-over from a previous implementation of Shapes and is not relevant to the current implementation. * Added @DirectionContext@ to @Basic.Graphic@. * @localLG@ removed it can be acheived with composition - @localize upd . loc_graphic_function@. @lgappend@ is also removed - it can be recreated applicatively. 0.8.0 to 0.9.0: * Re-worked @Basic.Text.LRSymbol@ changed the type name and the types of the run functions. Added more symbols and a new demo @Symbols.hs@. * @ScalingContext@ added to @Basic.Graphic@. Changed @monoTextWidth@ to take a character count, the old behaviour is recreated by the new function @monoTextLength@. * @Basic.Graphic.Chain@ removed. It is now superseded by @Basic.Chains@. * Added new property to @DrawingContext@ for line spacing scaling factor, and added a new drawing primitive @textlineMulti@ for multi-line, left justified labels. * Synthezied attribute /getters/ such as @textDimensions@ moved from @Basic.Graphic.DrawingContext@ to the new module @Basic.Graphic.Query@. The type of all the functions has changed to DrawingF. @lowerxHeight@ is renamed @monoLowerxHeight@ emphasizing that the metrics pertain to monospaced Courier font. * Added Shapes modules. * TurtleMonad module - the TurtleDrawing type and run functions have been removed and the internals have been reworked. Turtle is now run solely as a /local effect/ within the Drawing monad. 0.7.0 to 0.8.0: * Re-introduced LRText and LRSymbol - they now work with Wumpus-Core\'s kerning support. * Changes to @Graphic.Basic.BaseTypes@ - @DrawingObject@ renamed to @DrawingF@. @HPrim@ wrapped as a newtype to support a Monoid instance. Removed @appendGraphic@ and @gcat@ as they can be achieved with @mappend@ and @mconcat@. @appendAt@ renamed to @lgappend@. @PointT@ remaned to @PointF@. * Changes to @Graphic.Basic.Drawing@ - @drawAt@, @drawAtImg@, @drawConn@, @drawConnImg@ all removed. They are replaced by @draw@ and @drawi@ together with then new @at@ and @conn@ combinators. * Changes to @Basic.Graphic.PrimGraphic@ - @localDrawingContext@ renamed to @localLG@ and moved to @Basic.Graphic.BaseTypes@. * Updates to @Basic.SafeFonts@ to work with changes to @Wumpus.Core@. 0.6.0 to 0.7.0: * Major rework of Graphic types, the old types (AGraphic, GraphicF etc.) and the old drawing monads have been removed. The new types are based on the AGraphic and related types but their implementation is different. The new types track the /graphics state/ within the type (the DrawingContext) plus how to draw themselves. For real drawings, graphics are collected with a Writer-like monad the @Basic.Graphic.Drawing@ monad which replaces the DrawingCtx and Trace monads. The Turtle monad remains and has been updated to work with the new drawing monads. * LRText and LRSymbol modules temporarily removed as they contradict the new, optimized kerning functionality in @Wumpus.Core@. 0.5.0 to 0.6.0: * Updates to work with wumpus-core-0.30.0. * The code from @Basic.Graphic@ has been moved in to @Basic.Graphic.Primitive@ - this module is due a major overhaul. @Basic.Graphic@ is now an /import/ shim for @Basic.Graphic.Primitive@. 0.4.0 to 0.5.0: * Re-worked the PictureLanguage module. * SVGColours and X11Colours moved into @Wumpus.Basic.Colour@. Naming scheme for colours changed to use underscore between words rather than camelCase. * Updates to work with wumpus-core-0.30.0. 0.3.0 to 0.4.0: * Reworked the monads. Monads.DrawingMonad replaces Monads.Trace, Monads.DrawingCtx, Monads.ConsDrawing. The SnocDrawing monads have been removed as they were a design mistake. * Removed MGraphicF type, added AGraphic. * Initial work on arrow drawing and extended text drawing. 0.2.0 to 0.3.0 : * Added the anchors, monads, drawingAttrs... * Added the module @PictureLanguage@ from Wumpus-Core. It is located with the path prefix @Wumpus.Deprecated@. At some point it will be replaced... * Basic.Graphic - rectangles and lines now take the supplied point to be the center rather than the bottom-left corner. Name changes - @circle@ changed to @disk@, @text@ changed to @textline@. 0.1.1 to 0.2.0: * Added the module @Wumpus.Basic.Graphic@. * SafeFonts changed to be size neutral. PostScript\'s @scalefont@ command (which wumpus-core uses in the generated output) should be able to scale to any integer size. * New demo @ColourCharts.hs@. 0.1.0 to 0.1.1: * Added missing LICENSE file to the Cabal file. * Added this CHANGES file.