xmonad-contrib-bluetilebranch- Third party extensions for xmonad

Maintainergwern <gwern0@gmail.com>




A module for sending key presses to windows. This modules provides generalized and specialized functions for this task.



Import this module into your xmonad.hs as usual:

 import XMonad.Util.Paste

And use the functions. They all return X (), and so are appropriate for use as keybindings. Example:

          , ((m,              xK_d), pasteString "foo bar") ]

Don't expect too much of the functions; they probably don't work on complex texts.

pasteSelection :: X ()Source

Paste the current X mouse selection. Note that this uses getSelection from XMonad.Util.XSelection and so is heir to its flaws.

pasteString :: String -> X ()Source

Send a string to the window which is currently focused. This function correctly handles capitalization.

pasteChar :: KeyMask -> Char -> X ()Source

Send a character to the current window. This is more low-level. Remember that you must handle the case of capitalization appropriately. That is, from the window's perspective:

 pasteChar mod2Mask 'F' ~> "f"

You would want to do something like:

 pasteChar shiftMask 'F'

Note that this function makes use of stringToKeysym, and so will probably have trouble with any Char outside ASCII.

sendKeyWindow :: KeyMask -> KeySym -> Window -> X ()Source

The primitive. Allows you to send any combination of KeyMask and KeySym to any Window you specify.

noModMask :: KeyMaskSource

A null KeyMask. Used when you don't want a character or string shifted, control'd, or what.

TODO: This really should be a function in the X11 binding. When noModMask shows up there, remove.