ADPfusion- Efficient, high-level dynamic programming.

Safe HaskellNone





prop_R :: Subword -> BoolSource

Check if a single region returns the correct result (namely a slice from the input).

prop_RR :: Subword -> BoolSource

Two regions next to each other.

prop_RRR :: Subword -> PropertySource

And finally, three regions (with smaller subword sizes only)

prop_SSS :: Subword -> BoolSource

Three sized regions (with smaller subword sizes only)

prop_C :: Subword -> BoolSource

Single-character parser.

prop_CC :: Subword -> BoolSource

2x Single-character parser.

Single character plus peeking

prop_CRC :: Subword -> BoolSource

2x Single-character parser bracketing a single region.

prop_CRRC :: Subword -> BoolSource

2x Single-character parser bracketing regions.

prop_CRCRC :: Subword -> BoolSource

complex behaviour with characters and regions

prop_Interior1 :: Subword -> BoolSource

Interior-loop like structures.

prop_Mt :: Subword -> PropertySource

A single mutable table should return one result.

prop_MtC :: Subword -> PropertySource

table, then character.

prop_CMt :: Subword -> PropertySource

Character, then table.

prop_MtMt :: Subword -> PropertySource

Two mutable tables. Basically like Region's.

prop_CMtCMtC :: Subword -> PropertySource

Just to make it more interesting, sprinkle in some Chr symbols.

prop_CMnCMnC :: Subword -> PropertySource

And now with non-empty tables.

working on PointLs

xs :: Vector IntSource

data set. Can be made fixed as the maximal subword size is statically known!

general quickcheck stuff

customCheck :: Testable prop => prop -> IO ResultSource

newtype Small Source


Small Int