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This module defines some basic concrete protocols, namely protocols for transferring a unit and a boolean.

Some protocol combinators are provided to form new protocols from old protocols. Eg one can form a product of two protocols to get a protocol for query-answer dialogues about a pair of values. Similarly, one can construct protocols for a sum of two types, a maybe type and a list type.

Any protocol can be also extended to include effort indices in queries or to allow incremental computation with non-blocking queries on progress, multiple dialogue thread tracking and the communication of a failure.

TODO: add protocols for

  • game-theoretic HO functions
data QAMaybeQ q Source
QAMaybeQ q
QAMaybeQIsNothing q
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data QAMaybeA a Source
QAMaybeA (Maybe a)
QAMaybeAIsNothing Bool
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chTMaybe :: ChannelType -> ChannelTypeSource
makeAnswerMaybe :: QAProtocol q a => (q -> Maybe a) -> QAMaybeQ q -> QAMaybeA aSource
data QAIxQ q Source
QAIxQ EffortIndex q
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Typeable1 QAIxQ
Eq q => Eq (QAIxQ q)
Ord q => Ord (QAIxQ q)
Show q => Show (QAIxQ q)
HTML q => HTML (QAIxQ q)
QAProtocol q a => QAProtocol (QAIxQ q) (QAIxA a)
data QAIxA a Source
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Typeable1 QAIxA
Eq a => Eq (QAIxA a)
Ord a => Ord (QAIxA a)
Show a => Show (QAIxA a)
HTML a => HTML (QAIxA a)
QAProtocol q a => QAProtocol (QAIxQ q) (QAIxA a)
chTIx :: ChannelType -> ChannelTypeSource
data QAChangesQ q Source
QAChangesQIfNew QueryId q
QAChangesQWhenNew QueryId q
QAChangesQ q
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data QAChangesA a Source
QAChangesANew a
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chTChanges :: ChannelType -> ChannelTypeSource
firstJust :: [Maybe err] -> Maybe errSource
data QAListQ q Source
QAListQAllHomog q
QAListQSingle Int q
QAListQPrefix [q]
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data QAListA a Source
QAListA [a]
QAListASingle a
QAListALength Int
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chTList :: ChannelType -> ChannelTypeSource
makeAnswerList :: QAProtocol q a => [a] -> QAListQ q -> QAListA aSource
data QAProdQ q1 q2 Source
QAProdQFirst q1
QAProdQSecond q2
QAProdQBoth q1 q2
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Typeable2 QAProdQ
(Eq q1, Eq q2) => Eq (QAProdQ q1 q2)
(Ord q1, Ord q2) => Ord (QAProdQ q1 q2)
(Show q1, Show q2) => Show (QAProdQ q1 q2)
(HTML q1, HTML q2) => HTML (QAProdQ q1 q2)
(QAProtocol q1 a1, QAProtocol q2 a2, Show q1, Show a1, Show q2, Show a2) => QAProtocol (QAProdQ q1 q2) (QAProdA a1 a2)
data QAProdA a1 a2 Source
QAProdAFirst a1
QAProdASecond a2
QAProdABoth a1 a2
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Typeable2 QAProdA
(Eq a1, Eq a2) => Eq (QAProdA a1 a2)
(Ord a1, Ord a2) => Ord (QAProdA a1 a2)
(Show a1, Show a2) => Show (QAProdA a1 a2)
(HTML a1, HTML a2) => HTML (QAProdA a1 a2)
(QAProtocol q1 a1, QAProtocol q2 a2, Show q1, Show a1, Show q2, Show a2) => QAProtocol (QAProdQ q1 q2) (QAProdA a1 a2)
chTProd :: ChannelType -> ChannelType -> ChannelTypeSource
makeAnswerProd :: (QAProtocol q1 a1, QAProtocol q2 a2) => (q1 -> a1) -> (q2 -> a2) -> QAProdQ q1 q2 -> QAProdA a1 a2Source
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