AERN-RnToRm-0.4: polynomial function enclosures (PFEs) approximating exact real functionsSource codeContentsIndex
Portabilitynon-portable (requires fenv.h)

This module supplies default instances for the real number and function classes described in Data.Number.ER.RnToRm.

These classes form loosely coupled boundaries between abstraction layers. Nevertheless, we usually have particular implementations in mind, as shown here.

To preserve the intended loose coupling, please use these definitions only in functions that cannot infer from their input or output data which type of function enclosures they should use. Eg a function to add 1 to an enclosure should have the type:

 add1 :: (ERFnApprox box varid domra ranra fa) => fa -> fa
 add1 f = f + 1

and not: add1 :: FAPWP -> FAPWP

type FAPU = ERFnInterval (ERChebPoly (Box Int) B) IRASource
type FAPD = ERFnDomTranslApprox (Box (DomTransl IRA)) VarID FAPU IRASource
type FAPT = ERFnTuple FAPDSource
type FAPE = ERFnDomEdgesApprox VarID FAPTSource
type FAPWP = ERFnPiecewise (Box IRA) VarID IRA FAPESource
type FA = FAPWPSource
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