Agda-2.2.6: A dependently typed functional programming language and proof assistant



Some common syntactic entities are defined in this module.



data Arg e Source

A function argument can be hidden.




argHiding :: Hiding
unArg :: e


Functor Arg 
Typeable1 Arg 
Foldable Arg 
Traversable Arg 
Eq e => Eq (Arg e) 
Data e => Data (Arg e) 
Ord e => Ord (Arg e) 
Show a => Show (Arg a) 
Sized a => Sized (Arg a) 
Pretty e => Pretty (Arg e) 
KillRange a => KillRange (Arg a) 
HasRange a => HasRange (Arg a) 
Free a => Free (Arg a) 
TermLike a => TermLike (Arg a) 
Strict a => Strict (Arg a) 
Raise t => Raise (Arg t) 
Subst a => Subst (Arg a) 
AbstractTerm a => AbstractTerm (Arg a) 
KillVar a => KillVar (Arg a) 
GenC a => GenC (Arg a) 
EmbPrj a => EmbPrj (Arg a) 
InstantiateFull t => InstantiateFull (Arg t) 
Normalise t => Normalise (Arg t) 
Reduce t => Reduce (Arg t) 
Instantiate t => Instantiate (Arg t) 
Match a => Match (Arg a) 
DotVars a => DotVars (Arg a) 
(Reify a e, ToConcrete e c, Pretty c) => PrettyTCM (Arg a) 
Occurs a => Occurs (Arg a) 
ComputeOccurrences a => ComputeOccurrences (Arg a) 
HasPolarity a => HasPolarity (Arg a) 
LowerMeta a => LowerMeta (Arg a) 
ToConcrete a c => ToConcrete (Arg a) (Arg c) 
ToAbstract c a => ToAbstract (Arg c) (Arg a) 
ShrinkC a b => ShrinkC (Arg a) (Arg b) 
Reify i a => Reify (Arg i) (Arg a) 

data Named name a Source




nameOf :: Maybe name
namedThing :: a


Typeable2 Named 
Functor (Named name) 
Foldable (Named name) 
Traversable (Named name) 
(Eq name, Eq a) => Eq (Named name a) 
(Data name, Data a) => Data (Named name a) 
(Ord name, Ord a) => Ord (Named name a) 
Show a => Show (Named String a) 
Sized a => Sized (Named name a) 
Pretty e => Pretty (Named String e) 
KillRange a => KillRange (Named name a) 
HasRange a => HasRange (Named name a) 
DotVars a => DotVars (Named s a) 
LowerMeta a => LowerMeta (Named name a) 
ToConcrete a c => ToConcrete (Named name a) (Named name c) 
ToAbstract c a => ToAbstract (Named name c) (Named name a) 

unnamed :: a -> Named name aSource

named :: name -> a -> Named name aSource

type NamedArg a = Arg (Named String a)Source

Only Hidden arguments can have names.

data IsInfix Source

Functions can be defined in both infix and prefix style. See Agda.Syntax.Concrete.LHS.



data NameId Source

The unique identifier of a name. Second argument is the top-level module identifier.


NameId Nat Integer