Agda- A dependently typed functional programming language and proof assistant

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Dropping initial arguments to create a projection-like function

class DropArgs a where Source

When making a function projection-like, we drop the first n arguments.


dropArgs :: Int -> a -> a Source


DropArgs Permutation Source 
DropArgs ClauseBody Source

NOTE: does not go into the body, so does not work for recursive functions.

DropArgs Clause Source

NOTE: does not work for recursive functions.

DropArgs Telescope Source

NOTE: This creates telescopes with unbound de Bruijn indices.

DropArgs CompiledClauses Source

To drop the first n arguments in a compiled clause, we reduce the split argument indices by n and drop n arguments from the bodies. NOTE: this only works for non-recursive functions, we are not dropping arguments to recursive calls in bodies.

DropArgs FunctionInverse Source 
DropArgs a => DropArgs (Maybe a) Source