Agda- A dependently typed functional programming language and proof assistant

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Tools for DisplayTerm and DisplayForm.



displayFormArities :: QName -> TCM [Int] Source #

Get the arities of all display forms for a name.

displayForm :: QName -> Args -> TCM (Maybe DisplayTerm) Source #

Find a matching display form for q vs. In essence this tries to reqwrite q vs with any display form q ps --> dt and returns the instantiated dt if successful. First match wins.

matchDisplayForm :: DisplayForm -> Args -> MaybeT TCM (DisplayForm, DisplayTerm) Source #

Match a DisplayForm q ps = v against q vs. Return the DisplayTerm v[us] if the match was successful, i.e., vs / ps = Just us.

class Match a where Source #

Class Match for matching a term p in the role of a pattern against a term v.

The 0th variable in p plays the role of a place holder (pattern variable). Each occurrence of var 0 in p stands for a different pattern variable.

The result of matching, if successful, is a list of solutions for the pattern variables, in left-to-right order.

The 0th variable is in scope in the input v, but should not actually occur! In the output solution, the 0th variable is no longer in scope. (It has been substituted by IMPOSSIBLE which corresponds to a raise by -1).

Minimal complete definition



match :: a -> a -> MaybeT TCM [Term] Source #


Match Level Source # 


match :: Level -> Level -> MaybeT TCM [Term] Source #

Match Sort Source # 


match :: Sort -> Sort -> MaybeT TCM [Term] Source #

Match Term Source # 


match :: Term -> Term -> MaybeT TCM [Term] Source #

Match a => Match [a] Source # 


match :: [a] -> [a] -> MaybeT TCM [Term] Source #

Match a => Match (Arg a) Source # 


match :: Arg a -> Arg a -> MaybeT TCM [Term] Source #

Match a => Match (Elim' a) Source # 


match :: Elim' a -> Elim' a -> MaybeT TCM [Term] Source #