Agda- A dependently typed functional programming language and proof assistant

Safe HaskellNone





currentProblem :: TCM ProblemId Source #

Get the current problem

stealConstraints :: ProblemId -> TCM () Source #

Steal all constraints belonging to the given problem and add them to the current problem.

getAwakeConstraints :: TCM Constraints Source #

Get the awake constraints

partitionM :: (a -> TCM Bool) -> [a] -> TCM ([a], [a]) Source #

holdConstraints :: (ConstraintStatus -> ProblemConstraint -> Bool) -> TCM a -> TCM a Source #

Suspend constraints matching the predicate during the execution of the second argument. Caution: held sleeping constraints will not be woken up by events that would normally trigger a wakeup call.

addConstraint' :: Constraint -> TCM () Source #

Add new a constraint

addAwakeConstraints :: Constraints -> TCM () Source #

Add already awake constraints

nowSolvingConstraints :: TCM a -> TCM a Source #

Start solving constraints