BNFC-meta-0.2.1: Deriving Quasi-Quoters from BNF Grammars




Happy and Alex runtimes

data HappyStk a


HappyStk a (HappyStk a) 

ord :: Char -> Int

The Prelude.fromEnum method restricted to the type Data.Char.Char.

listArray :: Ix i => (i, i) -> [e] -> Array i e

Construct an array from a pair of bounds and a list of values in index order.

(!) :: Ix i => Array i e -> i -> e

The value at the given index in an array.

data Ix i => Array i e

The type of immutable non-strict (boxed) arrays with indices in i and elements in e.


Ix i => Functor (Array i) 
(Ix i, Eq e) => Eq (Array i e) 
(Ix i, Ord e) => Ord (Array i e) 
(Ix a, Read a, Read b) => Read (Array a b) 
(Ix a, Show a, Show b) => Show (Array a b) 

Pretty printing runtimes

doc :: ShowS -> DocSource

concatD :: [Doc] -> DocSource

prPrec :: Int -> Int -> Doc -> DocSource

newtype PrintPlain Source


MkPrintPlain String 


Quasi quoting runtimes

data ParseMonad a Source


Ok a 
Bad String 


errq :: (String -> a) -> ParseMonad a -> Q aSource

data Q a


data BNFC_QQType Source


QQApp (String, LocType) [BNFC_QQType] 
QQAq (Q Exp, Q Pat) 
QQList [BNFC_QQType] 
QQLit Lit 
QQPosT (Int, Int) (String, LocType) String 

fromString :: Literal a => LocType -> a -> BNFC_QQTypeSource

fromLit :: Literal a => LocType -> a -> BNFC_QQTypeSource

fromToken :: Literal a => LocType -> String -> a -> BNFC_QQTypeSource

class Lift t where


lift :: t -> Q Exp


Lift Bool 
Lift Char 
Lift Int 
Lift Integer 
Lift Rational 
Lift Exp 
Lift Match 
Lift Clause 
Lift Pat 
Lift Type 
Lift Dec 
Lift Name 
Lift FunDep 
Lift Pred 
Lift TyVarBndr 
Lift () 
Lift NameFlavour 
Lift NameSpace 
Lift Info 
Lift ClassInstance 
Lift Fixity 
Lift FixityDirection 
Lift Lit 
Lift Body 
Lift Guard 
Lift Stmt 
Lift Range 
Lift FamFlavour 
Lift Foreign 
Lift Callconv 
Lift Safety 
Lift Pragma 
Lift InlineSpec 
Lift Strict 
Lift Con 
Lift Kind 
Lift ModName 
Lift PkgName 
Lift OccName 
Lift a => Lift [a] 
Lift a => Lift (Maybe a) 
(Lift a, Lift b) => Lift (Either a b) 
(Lift a, Lift b) => Lift (a, b) 
(Lift a, Lift b, Lift c) => Lift (a, b, c) 
(Lift a, Lift b, Lift c, Lift d) => Lift (a, b, c, d) 
(Lift a, Lift b, Lift c, Lift d, Lift e) => Lift (a, b, c, d, e) 
(Lift a, Lift b, Lift c, Lift d, Lift e, Lift f) => Lift (a, b, c, d, e, f) 
(Lift a, Lift b, Lift c, Lift d, Lift e, Lift f, Lift g) => Lift (a, b, c, d, e, f, g)