BiobaseTurner- Import Turner RNA parameters

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The Turner2004 data structure reflects the RNA (and DNA) energy parameters known as the Turner 2004 data set.

In general, have a look here: where parameters are explained.



type PP = (((Z :. Nuc) :. Nuc) :. Nuc) :. NucSource

The parameters. Turner parameters are set by the Import module for nucleotides n,a,c,g,u. All values that are not read (or are .) will end up with a value > 100K.

TODO use Energy instead of Double

TODO specialized shape types for pairs?

type PN = ((Z :. Nuc) :. Nuc) :. NucSource

type PNN = (((Z :. Nuc) :. Nuc) :. Nuc) :. NucSource