BlastHTTP-1.0.1: Libary to interface with the NCBI blast REST interface

Safe HaskellNone



Searches a provided sequence with the NCBI Blast REST service and returns a blast result in xml format as BlastResult.

The function blastHTTP takes the BlastHTTPQuery datatype as argument, which contains following elements:

  1. program: Selects the blast-program to be used for the query. Example values are blastn, blastp, blastx,.. If Nothing is used as argument the function will default to blastn. Type: Maybe String
  2. database: Selects the database to be queried against. Example values are refseq_genomic, nr, est,.. Please consider that the database must be chosen in accordance with the blastprogram. Default value: refseq_genomic. Type: Maybe String
  3. querySequence: nucleotides or protein sequence, depending on the blast program used. If no sequence is provided an exception as String will be produced. Type: Maybe SeqData
  4. entrezQuery: This argument is optional and will filter the result if provided. Type: Maybe String

and returns Either a BlastResult (Right) on success or an exception as String (Left)

If you plan to submit more than 20 searches in one session, please look up the Usage Guidelines in the webservice information



blastHTTP :: BlastHTTPQuery -> IO (Either String BlastResult)Source

Retrieve Blast results in BlastXML format from the NCBI REST Blast interface The querySequence has to be provided, all other parameters are optional and can be set to Nothing optionalArguments is attached to the query as is .e.g: &ALIGNMENTS=250