BlogLiterately-0.5.2: A tool for posting Haskelly articles to blogs

MaintainerBrent Yorgey <>
Safe HaskellSafe-Infered



Configuation and command-line options.



data BlogLiterately Source

Configuration record (and command-line options) for BlogLiterately.




style :: String

Name of a style file

hsHighlight :: HsHighlight

Haskell highlighting mode

otherHighlight :: Bool

Use highlighting-kate for non-Haskell?

wplatex :: Bool

Format LaTeX for WordPress?

ghci :: Bool

Automatically process ghci sessions?

uploadImages :: Bool

Automatically upload images?

categories :: [String]

Categories for the post

tags :: [String]

Tags for the post

blogid :: String

Blog-specific identifier (e.g. for blogging software handling multiple blogs)

blog :: Maybe String

Blog xmlrpc URL

user :: String

Blog user name

password :: Maybe String

Blog password (omit to be interactively prompted)

title :: String

Post title

file :: String

File to post

postid :: Maybe String

ID of a post to update

page :: Bool

Create a "page" instead of a post

publish :: Bool

Should the post be published? (Otherwise it is uploaded as a draft.)

xtra :: [String]

Extension arguments, for use e.g. by custom transforms

blOpts :: BlogLiteratelySource

Command-line configuration for use with cmdargs.