BlogLiterately-0.5: A tool for posting Haskelly articles to blogs

MaintainerBrent Yorgey <>
Safe HaskellSafe-Infered



Functions for creating BlogLiterately executables. By default, installing this library results in the installation of a standard executable, called BlogLiterately, which corresponds to blogLiterately from this module. However, you can create your own custom executables with extra custom functionality using blogLiteratelyWith or blogLiteratelyCustom. For example:

 module Main where
 myCustomXF = Transform ...
 main = blogLiteratelyWith [myCustomXF]

See Text.BlogLiterately.Transform for examples of transforms and help in creating your own.



blogLiterately :: IO ()Source

The default BlogLiterately application.

blogLiteratelyWith :: [Transform] -> IO ()Source

Like blogLiterately, but with the ability to specify custom Transforms which will be applied after the standard ones.

blogLiteratelyCustom :: [Transform] -> IO ()Source

Like blogLiterately, but with the ability to replace the standard Transforms with your own. Use this to implement custom interleaving orders of the standard transforms and your own, to exclude some or all of the standard transforms, etc.