BlogLiterately-0.6.3: A tool for posting Haskelly articles to blogs

MaintainerBrent Yorgey <>
Safe HaskellNone



Uploading images embedded in posts to the server.



uploadAllImages :: BlogLiterately -> Pandoc -> IO PandocSource

Transform a document by uploading any "local" images to the server, and replacing their filenames with the URLs returned by the server. Only upload any given image once (determined by file name), even across runs: uploaded images and their associated URL on the server is tracked in a special dotfile, .BlogLiterately-uploaded-images.

uploadIt :: String -> FilePath -> BlogLiterately -> IO (Maybe Value)Source

Upload a file using the metaWeblog.newMediaObject XML-RPC method call.

mkMediaObject :: FilePath -> IO (Maybe Value)Source

Prepare a file for upload.