BlogLiterately-0.6.3: A tool for posting Haskelly articles to blogs

MaintainerBrent Yorgey <>
Safe HaskellNone




Configuation and command-line options.


BlogLiterately options record

data BlogLiterately Source

Configuration record (and command-line options) for BlogLiterately.




_style :: Maybe String

Name of a style file

_hsHighlight :: Maybe HsHighlight

Haskell highlighting mode

_otherHighlight :: Maybe Bool

Use highlighting-kate for non-Haskell?

_wplatex :: Maybe Bool

Format LaTeX for WordPress?

_math :: Maybe String

Indicate how to format math

_ghci :: Maybe Bool

Automatically process ghci sessions?

_uploadImages :: Maybe Bool

Automatically upload images?

_categories :: [String]

Categories for the post

_tags :: [String]

Tags for the post

_blogid :: Maybe String

Blog-specific identifier (e.g. for blogging software handling multiple blogs)

_profile :: Maybe String

Name of profile to use.

_blog :: Maybe String

Blog xmlrpc URL

_user :: Maybe String

Blog user name

_password :: Maybe String

Blog password (omit to be interactively prompted)

_title :: Maybe String

Post title

_file :: Maybe String

File to post

_format :: Maybe String

Format of the file (currently supported: markdown, rst)

_postid :: Maybe String

ID of a post to update

_page :: Maybe Bool

Create a "page" instead of a post

_publish :: Maybe Bool

Should the post be published? (Otherwise it is uploaded as a draft.)

_htmlOnly :: Maybe Bool

Don't upload anything; just output HTML to stdout.

_xtra :: [String]

Extension arguments, for use e.g. by custom transforms

blOpts :: BlogLiteratelySource

Command-line configuration for use with cmdargs.


We derive lenses for all the BlogLiterately fields using the lens library.

Default accessors

Some convenient accessors that strip off the Maybe and return an appropriate default value.