CLASE-2008.9.23: Cursor Library for A Structured EditorSource codeContentsIndex
showCursor :: forall l x a. Persistable l => Cursor l x a -> StringSource
showRoute :: Persistable l => Route l from to -> StringSource
parseCursor :: Persistable l => String -> Maybe (RestoredCursor l)Source
parseRoute :: (Persistable l, Reify l from) => Bool -> String -> Maybe (RestoredRoute l from)Source
class (Language l, PersistenceAdapter l, Reify l l) => Persistable l whereSource
showMovement :: Movement l d from to -> StringSource
movementParser :: Reify l a => DirectionT d -> Parser (ExistsR l (Movement l d a))Source
showTypeRep :: TypeRep l a -> StringSource
typeRepParser :: Parser (Exists (TypeRep l))Source
typeRepEq :: TypeRep l a -> TypeRep l b -> Maybe (TyEq a b)Source
class PersistenceAdapter l whereSource
showL :: l -> StringSource
parseL :: Parser lSource
data RestoredCursor l whereSource
RestoredCursor :: Reify l x => Cursor l x a -> RestoredCursor l
data RestoredRoute l from whereSource
RestoredRoute :: Reify l to => Route l from to -> RestoredRoute l from
data RestoredPath l r a whereSource
RestoredPath :: Reify l b => Path l r a b -> RestoredPath l r a
readParser :: (Show a, Read a) => Bool -> Parser aSource
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