CSPM-Frontend- A CSP-M parser compatible with FDR-2.91

Safe HaskellNone



Some utility functions for converting the AST



removeSourceLocations :: Data a => a -> aSource

removeSourceLocations sets all locationsInfos to NoLocation

removeParens :: Data a => a -> aSource

removeParens removes all occurences of of Parens, i.e. explicit parentheses from the AST

removeModuleAsserts :: Module a -> Module aSource

Remove assert declarations from a module.

unUniqueIdent :: Data a => a -> aSource

unUniqueIdent replaces the all UIdent with the Ident of the the new name, thus forgetting additional information like the bindingside, etc. Usefull to get a smaller AST.

computeFreeNames :: Data a => a -> FreeNamesSource

Compute the FreeNames of an Expression. This function does only work after renaming has been done. This implementation is inefficient.

getModuleAsserts :: Module a -> [LAssertDecl]Source

Get the assert declarations of a module.

setNodeIdsZero :: Data a => a -> aSource

Set all NodeIds to zero.