GPipe-2.1.2: Typesafe functional GPU graphics programming

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This module provides data types for all formats of textures and frame buffers. None of the type classes in this module are intended to be instanced by anyone else. In fact, GPipe only uses these type classes through the GADT Format, which is closed, so any new instances wouldnt be considered anyway.


Texture formats

data Format a where Source


R8 :: Format RFloat 
R8S :: Format RFloat 
R16 :: Format RFloat 
R16S :: Format RFloat 
R16F :: Format RFloat 
R32F :: Format RFloat 
R8I :: Format RInt 
R16I :: Format RInt 
R32I :: Format RInt 
R8UI :: Format RWord 
R16UI :: Format RWord 
R32UI :: Format RWord 
RG8 :: Format RGFloat 
RG8S :: Format RGFloat 
RG16 :: Format RGFloat 
RG16S :: Format RGFloat 
RG16F :: Format RGFloat 
RG32F :: Format RGFloat 
RG8I :: Format RGInt 
RG16I :: Format RGInt 
RG32I :: Format RGInt 
RG8UI :: Format RGWord 
RG16UI :: Format RGWord 
RG32UI :: Format RGWord 
R3G3B2 :: Format RGBFloat 
RGB4 :: Format RGBFloat 
RGB5 :: Format RGBFloat 
RGB8 :: Format RGBFloat 
RGB8S :: Format RGBFloat 
RGB10 :: Format RGBFloat 
RGB12 :: Format RGBFloat 
RGB16 :: Format RGBFloat 
RGB16S :: Format RGBFloat 
RGB16F :: Format RGBFloat 
RGB32F :: Format RGBFloat 
R11FG11FB10F :: Format RGBFloat 
RGB9E5 :: Format RGBFloat 
SRGB8 :: Format RGBFloat 
RGB8I :: Format RGBInt 
RGB16I :: Format RGBInt 
RGB32I :: Format RGBInt 
RGBWord :: Format RGBWord 
RGB8UI :: Format RGBWord 
RGB16UI :: Format RGBWord 
RGB32UI :: Format RGBWord 
RGBA2 :: Format RGBAFloat 
RGBA4 :: Format RGBAFloat 
RGB5A1 :: Format RGBAFloat 
RGBA8 :: Format RGBAFloat 
RGBA8S :: Format RGBAFloat 
RGB10A2 :: Format RGBAFloat 
RGBA12 :: Format RGBAFloat 
RGBA16 :: Format RGBAFloat 
RGBA16S :: Format RGBAFloat 
RGBA16F :: Format RGBAFloat 
RGBA32F :: Format RGBAFloat 
SRGB8A8 :: Format RGBAFloat 
RGBA8I :: Format RGBAInt 
RGBA16I :: Format RGBAInt 
RGBA32I :: Format RGBAInt 
RGBA8UI :: Format RGBAWord 
RGBA16UI :: Format RGBAWord 
RGBA32UI :: Format RGBAWord 
Depth16 :: Format Depth 
Depth24 :: Format Depth 
Depth32 :: Format Depth 
Depth32F :: Format Depth 
Stencil1 :: Format Stencil 
Stencil4 :: Format Stencil 
Stencil8 :: Format Stencil 
Stencil16 :: Format Stencil 
Depth24Stencil8 :: Format DepthStencil 
Depth32FStencil8 :: Format DepthStencil 

Format constraints

Context formats