GenI-0.17.4: A natural language generator (specifically, an FB-LTAG surface realiser)




data NFA st ab Source

Note: there are two ways to define the final states. 1. you may define them as a list of states in finalStList 2. you may define them via the isFinalSt function The state list is ignored if you define isFinalSt




startSt :: st
isFinalSt :: Maybe (st -> Bool)
finalStList :: [st]
transitions :: Map st (Map st [Maybe ab])
states :: [[st]]

finalSt :: NFA st ab -> [st]Source

addTrans :: (Ord ab, Ord st) => NFA st ab -> st -> Maybe ab -> st -> NFA st abSource

lookupTrans :: (Ord ab, Ord st) => NFA st ab -> st -> Maybe ab -> [st]Source

automatonPaths :: (Ord st, Ord ab) => NFA st ab -> [[ab]]Source

automatonPathSets :: (Ord st, Ord ab) => NFA st ab -> [[[ab]]]Source

Not quite the set of all paths, but the sets of all transitions

numStates :: NFA st ab -> IntSource